PHR Resources Ltd. (PHR Resources) guarantees professional and discrete service for each client. Our knowledge and experience allows us to develop and integrate the unique business and Human Resource Management and Marketing strategies required for your success.

We provide human resource solutions which cater to your firm’s specific needs and goals. We will focus on enhancing your firm’s strategic and operational effectiveness by working closely with your organization to deliver customized solutions effectively meeting the specific needs of your organization on time and on budget.

Whether your business is starting-up, re-organizing, re-engineering or expanding, a key element to the success of the company is its people and the retention of them. Through open and honest communication, we promote the development of a positive relationship with each Client Company and individual that we serve.

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“Debbie Bortolussi of PHR Resources Ltd. came into our company at a time when we were transitioning HR direction and going through other major restructuring. Not only did she work with senior management to implement policies and procedures that met our needs, but she worked wonders within our social culture to rebuild employee confidence, energy and retention. She put her heart and soul into everything she nurtured and the results were impressive. Well done and thanks from our whole “team”!

– Debra Ferguson IP Records Administrator
QuestAir Technologies Inc. -

“Debbie is a highly experienced human resources professional who adds value from the minute she starts an assignment. She is dynamic, hard working and brings a wealth of experience of HR best practices in the engineering, high tech and small company environment. I enjoy working with Debbie and would recommend PHR Resources to any company looking for a fresh perspective and industry-leading practices in the HR area.”

– Andrew Hall President & CEO
QuestAir Technologies Inc. -

“Debbie has helped us immensely to evaluate our HR processes, to identify areas of weakness and then to develop focused, achievable, and practical programs to help fill the gaps. We really appreciate her enthusiasm and practical approach to problems and the guidance she has offered us over the last couple of years.”

– Jean Mill, MBA CFO, General Manager
TRG Group Benefits & Pensions Inc. -

We have worked with Debbie Bortolussi of PHR Resources Ltd., for a number of years to assist us with corporate projects.

The scope of these projects encompassed assisting us with the creation of a Total Compensation and Benefits Plan for our Human Resources Department , Corporate Governance and the Design and facilitation of moving to our new Office.

All of these activities were carried out in an enthusiastic, professional manner and we always appreciated Debbie’s commitment and dedication to our projects.

Debbie has continued to add value to our organization by delivering on time and within budget. Her high energy and attention to detail that she brings to our team and company is greatly appreciated and we always look forward to working with her.

– Christina Cepeliauskas, CFO, Eurasian Minerals Inc. -

Debbie can parachute in and tackle any problem – large or small. She’s the consummate Human Resources
 professional – she gets things organized and then gets the solutions put into action!”

– Jill Whitford,
Training & Development Manager -

We called on Debbie Bortolussi and to aid us as our Director of Human Resources had transitioned out of Hcareers and we were about to begin the year without any human resource plans or direction in play.

Debbie came in and met with our team and established a plan of action within a week of her starting the project.

This HR plan encompassed recruitment, human resources and training and development and had each responsible team member on track and working to a tight timeline.

We met that timeline and still use the items and processes she helped to develop. If you want it done right and in record time, call Debbie and her team at PHR Resources!

– Audrey Olsen, 
HR Manager

PHR Resources helped us go through a very turbulent period of change and restructuring. Employees were resentful, conflicts frequent; everyone felt insecure and turn-around was very high.

Debbie’s actions on all levels and spheres had an amazing positive effect within only a couple of months. She made us understand our feelings, brought us back together, and led us safely through the period of transition. Sparks, anxiety, blaming and defiance diminished. Employees became focused on the plans for the future. We started looking forward to coming to work again.

I had a great pleasure working closely with Debbie. I’ve never learnt so much in such a short period.”

– Lana Tomashevich, 
Information Systems Manager -

PHR Resources recognizes that smaller businesses require tailored human resources solutions to efficiently manage their most important asset, without breaking the bank.

The team at PHR Resources understands entrepreneurs, and works with them to develop strategies, policies and procedures that fit their company’s stage of development and corporate culture.

Professional service, practical tools, remarkable efficiency and a “can-do” attitude are some of the hallmarks of PHR Resources.

– Sherry Tryssenaar, 
Chief Financial Officer

Debbie is a high energy, highly driven individual who gets things done!

I had the pleasure of working with Debbie (PHR Resources Ltd) when she was at Fransen Engineering to set the foundation of our HR department and the re-branding of our company. She was very professional and a delight to work with.

– Bindy Grewal
, Manager, Administration & Facilities -

Debbie’s combination of energy and experience makes her ideally suited to help build positive momentum within organizations. She has the ability to identify fundamental priorities and implement improvements across all business areas.

In the process, she inspires others to challenge assumptions, think big, and engage in change processes.”

– Mark Abbott, P. Eng., MBA
Director of Marketing -

Debbie is a high energy performer, a creative thinker, a knowledgeable advisor, and a delight to work with.

– Susan Tees, 
Senior Director, Intellectual Property & Contracts -

Debbie cares about people. She is also very smart, and gets things done.

In the short time she was with us, she organized gifts for people with 10 years of service, company outings, celebrations for people leaving, parties, and company information meetings. She also taught us how to care for each other.

I certainly miss Debbie, and highly recommend her.

– Christopher McLean,
Senior Engineer and Technical Specialist, 
(Worked with Debbie at PHR Resources Ltd.)

What Debbie brings to an organization goes well beyond her credentials as a CHRP and MBA. She brings an immense positive energy which inspires those that she works with to engage with each other, set ambitious goals, and to achieve creative and innovative solutions.

She is a gifted leader, mentor and coach for employees across all departments and levels within an organization. Debbie faces difficult situations head on and always finds positive solutions. She identifies high level strategic priorities with ease and always achieves strong business results. I highly recommend Debbie.

– Jason Meyer, 
Human Resources & OHS Coordinator -

Debbie is an excellent Human Resources Manager who works extremely well with people, departmental goals and corporative objectives.

She provides employees with advice to support and promote a productive work environment with regard to collective agreement and labour relations matters; guides problem-solving processes for immediate and emerging needs.

It would be my pleasure to recommend Debbie Bortolussi in any HR management job.

– Antonio Saavedra,
Regional Sales Manager, Asia & Latin America

I had the opportunity to work for Debbie at an organization that was going through a major restructuring and merger. There was a lack of employee engagement and motivation but with her previous experience, drive and personality we were able to re-engage the workforce and create a smooth transition to the new organization.

– Morgan Kemick, 
CHRP, Human Resources Generalist (Reported to Debbie at PHR Resources Ltd.)

Working with Debbie on DHnet_2.0 (D+H Group LLP Chartered Accountants’ Intranet) was a dynamic and fluid journey.

She is highly-skilled HR consultant who can identify a group’s personality and develop a detailed path for team development.

The success of the project was a great collaboration between our two firm. Respectfully, Garrett + Team ISI

– Garrett Chong, 
Brand Marketing Director / Principal (Worked directly with Debbie at PHR Resources Ltd.) -

Our project had a tight timeframe and complex deliverables.

She maintained the team’s enthusiasm, leading by example, with her personal attention and thoughtful input throughout the project. She was always accessible and had a great attitude throughout. A real pleasure to work with and will do so again!

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

– Michael Louie,
Senior Partner

It is my pleasure to have worked with Debbie Bortolussi at Fransen Engineering for the course of her time with the company. Debbie has been my mentor throughout this time, sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise to help young HRM professionals like myself to develop and grow.

Debbie brings a positive aura to the workplace by being a total advocate for employee engagement, goal setting and providing utmost customer satisfaction to all clients.

Debbie strives to have a vision, is highly goal-oriented, and achieves the results she aims for. Debbie shows a strong sense of creativity, dedication and determination, and is known for being competitive. Not only does Debbie aim to be at the top, she has the ability to think uniquely, allowing her to be aware of unseen opportunities, in turn, leading the way into new and innovative directions.

Debbie Bortolussi is not only a highly experienced Human Resources Professional, but she is also an inspirational leader, who raises the bar for being a leader. She creates a self-image so powerful that people are naturally drawn to her.

She is known to constantly re-innovate herself with the aim of improvement, allowing her persona to influence followers and future leaders. I am forever grateful to have learned from, and worked with Debbie Bortolussi!”

– Mahhum Wali
, HR Coordinator

I have worked with Debbie Bortolussi on various projects that she’s held at multiple firms over the past 15 years.

Debbie is a proven expert in identifying process improvements/challenges and implementing procedures to enhance people and business potential. I have experienced first-hand the positive impact she has made at organizations in various industries – high tech, biotech, engineering, communications, customer service, retail, manufacturing and more.

Debbie’s energy is inspiring and her ability to identify and improve HR and corporate processes is outstanding. She is extremely professionals and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Debbie Bortolussi!

– Barb Agostini, 
Vice President, Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Debbie for over 6 years at OncoGenex Technologies. Debbie is a highly motivated professional that really understands the needs of an organization.

Her positive attitude affects everyone she touches.

She is a task master and will get the job done within budget and on time. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organization and will implement policies and procedures that lead to success.”

– Beth Fisher, 
Director, Financial Operations